Meet Perfumes with Mission

Ipseity Perfumes produce a variety of fragrances from the top-quality ingredients, with the highest concentration of perfume oils (in the perfume world more commonly known as Essence de Parfum or simply just Parfum).

Our perfumes are gender neutral, and we offer personalization services to include your name on the bottle and refill option. 

Ipseity Perfumes are created to reflect lavish chic, individuality and integrity of dashing personalities. They are created for people who nourish their own uniqueness, talents, craze and passion, who are not afraid to wear them proudly like an invisible accessory, like a smell of their enchanting charisma.

Unveil Collection comes with 3 Perfumes, in high concentration ( Essence and Elixir de Parfum) and in 30 ml glass falcons ,in luxury design and package options.

Unique Collection comes with 2 Perfumes, one that stress out the feminine side of us the other -masculine side. Both sides are present in each one of us - this very important to notice, to know, to nourish and keep in balance.

Ipseity x Marina Collection starts with Seastar Parfum is collection dedicated to support women entrepreneurship and small productions and small businesses. 

Choose YOUR favorite one!